Tiền ấn phẩm

Tiền ấn phẩm năm 2021

  1. IMH20211114, Lưu Hoàng Đức, Peter Kloeden, Numerical attractors for rough differential equations.
  2. IMH20211113, Lưu Hoàng Đức, Random attractors for dissipative systems with rough noises, To appear in Discrete Continuous Dynamical Systems.
  3. IMH20211112, Phạm Việt Hùng, Asymptotic formula for the conjunction probability of smooth stationary Gaussian fields.
  4. IMH2021111, Phạm Việt Hùng, Upper bound for conjunction probability of two-dimensional Gaussian fields.
  5. IMH20211110, Pham The Anh, Adam Czornik, Đoàn Thái Sơn, Stefan Siegmund, Proportional Local Assignability of Dichotomy Spectrum of One-sided Continuous Time-Varying Linear Systems, To appear in Journal of Differential Equations.
  6. IMH20211108, Lê Tuấn Hoa, Maximal generating degrees of powers of homogeneous ideals.
  7. IMH20211107, Lê Dũng Mưu, Lê Xuân Thanh, On fixed point approach to equilibrium problem.
  8. IMH20211106, Phùng Minh Đức, Lê Xuân Thanh, A splitting subgradient algorithm for solving equilibrium problems involving the sum of two bifunctions and application to cournot-nash model.
  9. IMH20211105, Nguyễn Khoa Sơn, Nguyễn Năng Thiều, Nguyễn Đông Yên, On the solution existence for prox-regular perturbed sweeping processes.
  10. IMH20211104, Nguyễn Thị Thu Hương, Jen-Chih Yao, Nguyễn Đông Yên, New results on proper efficiency for a class of vector optimization problems.
  11. IMH20211103, Dương Việt An, Nguyễn Đông Yên, Optimality conditions based on the Frechet second-order subdifferential
  12. IMH20211102, Đinh Sĩ Tiệp, Zbigniew Jelonek, Thom isotopy theorem for non proper maps and computation of sets of stratified generalized critical values.
  13. IMH20211101, Vũ Thế Khôi, Masakazu Teragaito, Anh T. Tran, Left orderable surgeries of double twist knots II
  14. IMH20210904, Đinh Sĩ Tiệp, Pham Tien Son, On definable open continuous mappings
  15. IMH20210903

    , Đinh Sĩ Tiệp, Pham Tien Son, Characterizations of directional openness for set-valued mappings
  16. IMH20210902, Phan Thi Huong, Peter Kloeden, Đoàn Thái Sơn, Well-posedness and regularity for solutions of Caputo stochastic fractional differential equations in $ L^p $ spaces. To appear in Stochastic Analysis and Application.
  17. IMH20210901, Nguyen Quang Dieu, Đỗ Thái Dương, Decay near boundary of volume of sublevel sets of m-subharmonic functions, to appear in Indagationes Mathematicae.
  18. IMH20210809, Đoàn Thái Sơn, Peter Kloeden, Attractors of Caputo fractional differential equations with triangular vector fields.
  19. IMH20210808, Vũ Thị Hướng, Jen-Chih Yao, Nguyễn Đông Yên, Analyzing a maximum principle for finite horizon state constrained problems via parametric examples. Part 2: Problems with bilateral state constraints, to appear in Numerical Functional Analysis and Optimization.
  20. IMH20210807, Truong Thi Hien, Trần Nam Trung, Regularity of symbolic powers of square-free monomial ideals, preprint arXiv:2108.06750v1.
  21. IMH20210806, Nguyễn Đăng Hợp, Tran Quang Hoa, Powers of sums and their associated primes.
  22. IMH20210805, Sijong Kwak, Nguyễn Đăng Hợp, Vu Thanh, Algebraic invariants of projections of varieties and partial elimination ideals, to appear in J. Algebra.
  23. IMH20210804, Dong Huu Mau, Trần Nam Trung, Stability of Associated Primes and Depth of Integral Closures of Powers of Edge Ideals, 2021, arXiv:2108.01830.
  24. IMH20210803, Trần Nam Trung, On Gorenstein graphs, to appear in Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics, 2021, DOI: 10.1007/s10801-021-01051-9.
  25. IMH20210802, Nguyễn Thị Vân Hằng, M. Ebrahim Sarabi, Local convergence analysis of augmented Lagrangian methods for piecewise linear-quadratic composite optimization problems. To appear in SIAM Journal on Optimization.
  26. IMH20210801, Nguyễn Thị Vân Hằng, Boris S. Mordukhovich, and M. Ebrahim Sarabi, Augmented Lagrangian method for second-order cone programs under second-order sufficiency. To appear in Journal of Global Optimization.
  27. IMH20210703, Nguyễn Đình Công, Semigroup property of fractional differential operators and its applications.
  28. IMH20210702, Phùng Hồ Hải, João Pedro dos Santos, Pham Thanh Tam, Algebraic theory of formal regular-singular connections with parameters, preprint arXiv:2107.06474.
  29. IMH20210701, Cấn Văn Hảo, Nguyen Van Quyet, Vu Hong Son, Partial universality of the superconcentration in the spin. To appear in Journal of Statistical Physics
  30. , Dao Tuan Anh, Existence and nonexistence of global solutions for a wave system with different structural damping terms, Vietnam Journal of Mathematics, (2021).
  31. IMH20210606, Nguyễn Tất Thắng, Uniform stable radius and milnor number for non-degenerate isolated complete intersection singularities.
  32. IMH20210605, Indranil Biswas, Phùng Hồ Hải, João Pedro dos Santos, Connections on trivial vector bundles over projective schemes, preprint arXiv:2106.08547
  33. IMH20210604, Đỗ Hoàng Sơn, Phạm Ngọc Thành Công, A comparison principle for parabolic complex Monge-Ampère equations
  34. IMH20210603, Đỗ Hoàng Sơn, Nguyễn Quang Diệu, On the viscosity approach to a class of fully nonlinear elliptic equations.
  35. IMH20210602, N.V. Giang, Đào Quang Khải, Some new regularity criteria for the Navier-Stokes equations in terms of one directional derivative of the velocity field, to appear in Nonlinear Analysis: Real World Applications.
  36. IMH20210601, Vũ Thị Hướng, Solution existence theorems for finite horizon optimal economic growth problems, to appear in Optimization.
  37. IMH20210503, Đinh Sĩ Tiệp, Pham Tien Son, Some variational properties of tangent directions at infinity of real algebraic sets, preprint arXiv.
  38. IMH20210502, Đinh Sĩ Tiệp, Pham Tien Son, Nichtnegativstellensatze for definable functions in o-minimal structures, preprint arXiv.
  39. IMH20210501, Đinh Sĩ Tiệp, Pham Tien Son, The mountain pass theorem in terms of tangencies, preprint arxiv.
  40. IMH20210401, Artur Babiarz, Le Viet Cuong, Adam Czornik, Đoàn Thái Sơn, Necessary and sufficient conditions for assignability of dichotomy spectrum of one-sided discrete time-varying linear systems. To appear in IEEE-Transactions on Automatic Control.
  41. IMH20210301, Shigeru Kuroda, Trần Giang Nam, Anick type automorphisms and new irreducible representations of Leavitt path algebras, arXiv:2103.00698v1.
  42. IMH20210205, Cấn Văn Hảo, Đoàn Thái Sơn, Nguyen Van Quyet,

    Limit theorems for the one dimensional random walk with random resetting to the maximum.

  43. IMH20210204, Cấn Văn Hảo, Manh Hong Duong, Phạm Việt Hùng, On the expected number of real roots of random polynomials arising from evolutionary game theory
  44. IMH20210203, Cấn Văn Hảo, Khanh Duy Trinh, Random connection models in the thermodynamic regime: central limit theorems for add-one cost stabilizing functionals.
  45. IMH20210202, Cấn Văn Hảo, Remco van der Hofstad, Takashi Kumagai, Glauber dynamics for Ising models on random regular graphs: cut-off and metastability.
  46. IMH20210201, Cấn Văn Hảo, Cristian Giardina, Claudio Giberti, Remco van der Hofstad, Annealed Ising model on configuration models, to appear Annales de l'Institut de Henri Poincare B.
  47. IMH20210104, Hoàng Thế Tuấn, Smallest asymptotic bound of solutions to positive mixed fractional-order inhomogeneous linear systems with time-varying delays.
  48. IMH20210103, Hoàng Thế Tuấn, Ha Duc Thai, Roberto Garappa, An analysis on solutions to fractional neutral differential equations with a delay.
  49. IMH20210102, Hoàng Thế Tuấn, On the existence and uniqueness of weak solutions to time-fractional elliptic equations with time-dependent variable coefficients.
  50. IMH20210101, Vũ Thị Hướng, Jen-Chih Yao, Nguyễn Đông Yên, Optimal Economic Growth Models with Nonlinear Utility Functions, Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications (2021), https://doi.org/10.1007/s10957-020-01797-5