Preprints 2022

  1. IMH20221205, Ta Thi Hoai An, Nguyen Viet Phuong, Quasi-normal family of meromorphic functions
  2. IMH20221204, Ta Thi Hoai An, Nguyen Viet Phuong, A non-Archimedean second main theorem for small functions and applications, Accepted by Taiwanese Journal of Mathematics
  3. IMH20221203, Tan H. Cao, Nilson Chapagain, Kangmin Cho, Jinwoo Choi, Sinae Hong, Abhishek Kafle, Haejoon Lee, Hansol Lim, Biniam Markos, Jiung Seo, Phung Ngoc Thi, Nguyen Nang Thieu, Optimal control of several motion models, preprint arXiv
  4. IMH20221202, Nguyen Chi Dzung, Pham Viet Hung, Nonuniform Berry-Esseen bound for self-normalized series.
  5. IMH20221201, Do Duc Thuan, Doan Thai Son, Le Viet Cuong, A characterization of delay independent stability for linear off-diagonal delay difference equations.
  6. IMH20221105, Nguyen Minh Tri, D. A. Tuan, Nguyen Quynh Nga, Existence and nonexistence of nontrivial solutions for degenerate elliptic equations on a torus, I
  7. IMH20221104, Nguyen Quynh Nga, Nguyen Minh Tri, D. A. Tuan, Polya - Szego Type Inequality and Imbedding Theorems for Weighted Sobolev Spaces
  8. IMH20221103, Do Thai Duong, Nguyễn Văn Thiện, On the weighted m-energy classes, to appear in Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications.
  9. IMH20221102, Ho Minh Toan, Vu The Khoi, Metrics induced by certain Hilbert-Schmidt fidelities on positive semi-definite matrices.
  10. IMH20221101, Can Van Hao, Nguyễn Văn Quyết, Subdiffusive concentration of the graph distance in Bernoulli percolation.
  11. Nguyen Khoa Son, Le Trung Hieu, Cao Thanh Tinh, Do Duc Thuan, New criteria for exponential stability of a class of nonlinear continuous-time difference systems with delays, International Journal of Control, 95 (2022), 11 pages.
  12. IMH20221002, Do Van Kien, Nguyen Dang Hop, Le Minh Thuan, A sharp bound for the resurgence of sums of ideals.
  13. IMH20221001, Do Duy Hieu, On two-variable Expanders over finite rings
  14. IMH20220903, Duong Thi Viet An, Vu Thi Huong, Hong-Kun Xu, Differential stability of discrete optimal control problems with possibly nondifferentiable costs. To appear in Applied Mathematics & Optimization.
  15. IMH20220902, Nguyen Thi Van Hang, M. Ebrahim Sarabi, A chain rule for strict twice epi-differentiability and its applications, preprint arXiv:2209.01489.
  16. IMH20220901, Do Hoang Son, Vũ Đức Việt, Quantitative stability for the complex Monge-Ampère equations.
  17. IMH20220803, Do Duy Hieu, Phan Thi Ha Duong, Detecting communities in large networks using the extended Walktrap algorithm.
  18. IMH20220802, DANG Tien Dat, Do Duy Hieu, Phan Thi Ha Duong, Community Detection in Directed Graphs using Stationary Distribution and Hitting Times Methods.To appear in Social Network Analysis and Mining, (ESCI), 48 pages, 2023.
  19. IMH20220801, Phung Ho Hai, João Pedro dos Santos, Pham Thanh Tâm, Đào Văn Thinh, Prolongation of regular singular connections on punctured affine line over a Henselian rin, preprint arxiv.
  20. IMH20220703, Nguyen Thi Van Hang, W. Jung, M. Ebrahim Sarabi, Role of subgradients in variational analysis of polyhedral functions. Link arXiv:2207.07470.
  21. IMH20220702, N.D. Nam, Tran Giang Nam, On ultragraph Leavitt path algebras with finite Gelfand-Kirillov dimension.
  22. IMH20220701, Nguyen Van Dac, Hoang The Tuan, Tran Van Tuan, Regularity and large-time behavior of solutions for fractional semilinear mobile-immobile equations.
  23. IMH20220503, Le Xuan Dung, Juan Elias, Le Tuan Hoa, Upper bounds on two Hilbert coefficients
  24. IMH20220502, Bo-Hae Im, Hojin Kim, Le Khac Nhuan, Ngô Đắc Tuấn, Zagier-Hoffman’s conjectures in positive characteristic
  25. IMH20220501, Kai Diethelm, Ha Duc Thai, Hoang The Tuan, Asymptotic behaviour of solutions to non-commensurate fractional-order planar systems.
  26. IMH20220401, Nguyen Tat Thang, Kiyoshi Takeuchi, Meromorphic nearby cycle functors and monodromies of meromorphic functions.
  27. IMH20220202, Dinh Si Tiep, Feng Guo, Nguyễn Hồng Đức, Phạm Tiền Sơn, Limits of real bivariate rational functions
  28. IMH20220201, Kai Diethelm, Hoang The Tuan, Upper and lower estimates for the separation of solutions to fractional differential equations. To appear in Fractional Calculus and Applied Analysis.
  29. IMH20220101, Pham The Anh, Artur Babiarz, Adam Czornik, Doan Thai Son, Proportional local assignability of the dichotomy spectrum of one-sided discrete time-varying linear systems, To appear in SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization.