Department of Differential Equations

Department of Differential Equations

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      Department carries out research on four main topics. In PDE's of infinite order there are investigations on  Sobolev spaces of infinite order and their non-triviality, imbedding theorems, theorem of trace, solvability of the boundary value problem for non-linear PDE's of infinite order.  In non-linear PDE's of first order, research is concentrated on explicit representation of Lifschitz solutions, global existence and uniqueness of semiclassical solutions for Hamilton-Jacobi equations and systems, minimax and viscosity solutions. Another topic is linear PDE with studies on  hypoellipticity, G-convergence and homogenization problems, inverse heat conduction problem for parabolic equations, gradient method and method of mollification. The last topic is applications of Cauchy and boundary problems in air pollution and pollution of water sources, two- and three-dimensional fluid flows,  dual serial and integral equations, inverse and incorrect problems in mathematical physics. 


Members and graduate students


  1. Assoc. Prof., Dr. Hoang The Tuan (Head of the Department)
  2. Prof. Dr. Sc. Dinh Nho Hao
  3. Dr. Luong Thai Hung
  4. Dr. Dao Quang Khai
  5. Giang Trung Hieu

Graduate students:
  1. Le Thi Thu Giang
  2. Ha Duc Thai
  3. La Van Thinh
  4. Nguyen Thi Thu Suong

Scientific Activities

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