Preprints 2019

  1. IMH20190902, Cao Tan Binh, Luu Hoang Duc, Phan Thanh Hong, On the exponential stability for a class of stochastic differential delay equations with fractional Brownian noises
  2. IMH20190901, Phan Thi Ha Duong, Brill-Noether conjecture on cactus graphs
  3. G. Abrams, M. Dokuchaev, Tran Giang Nam, Realizing corners of Leavitt path algebras as Steinberg algebras, with corresponding connections to graph $C^*$-algebras, preprint arXiv 1909.03964.
  4. IMH20190801, Luong Thai Hung, Jean-Claude, On a regularized full dispersion davey-stewartson system
  5. Nguyen Khoa Son, Nguyen Thi Hong, On Structured Distance to Uncontrollability of General Linear Retarded Systems, to appear Acta Mathematica Vietnamica
  6. IMH20190602, Do Hoang Son, Le Gaing, To Tat Dat, Viscosity solutions to Parabolic complex Monge-Ampère equations
  7. IMH20190601, Do Hoang Son, Do Thai Duong, Some remarks on the Cegrell's class F
  8. IMH20190505, Jürgen Jost, Hông Vân Lê, Luu Hoang Duc, Tat Dat Tran, Probabilistic mappings and Bayesian nonparametrics, preprint arxiv 1905.11448.
  9. IMh20190504, Gene Abrams, Tran Giang Nam, Corners of Leavitt path algebras of finite graphs are Leavitt path algebras, arXiv:1902.03641.
  10. IMH20190502, Luu Hoang Duc, Random attractors for rough differential equations.
  11. IMH20190503, Luu Hoang Duc, Phan Thanh Hong, Asymptotic dynamics of Young differential equations: a unified approach, preprint arXiv:1905.04945
  12. IMH20190501, Phung Ho Hai, JOÃO PEDRO DOS SANTOS, Finite torsors on projective schemes defined over a discrete valuation ring.
  13. IMH20190401, Nguyen Van Chau, Jacobian conjecture as a problem on integral points on affine curves
  14. IMH20190102, Luu Hoang Duc, Stability theory for Gaussian rough differential equations. Part II
  15. IMH20190101, Luu Hoang Duc, Stability theory for Gaussian rough differential equations. Part I.
  16. Nguyen Dinh Cong, Luu Hoang Duc, Phan Thanh Hong, Lyapunov spectrum of nonautonomous linear Young differential equations, Journal of Dynamics and Differential Equations, (2019), SCI(-E); Scopus.