International school and workshop on “Hopf Algebras and Aplications”
Hanoi, October 23-November 3, 2023

Poster HAA2023

Website: http://math.ac.vn/conference/HAA2023

Venue: Room 301, A5

The purpose of the School and Workshop is to enhance scientific exchanges between experts and graduate students, from Vietnam and neighboring countries in the fields of Algebraic Geometry and Number Theory at the Institute of Mathematics.

The mode of the activity is hybrid: online and offline.

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Meeting ID: 872 0447 3340
Passcode: 123456

1. The School will take place in the first week, October 23-27, with 03 mini-courses along with a special lecture by Prof. Frans Oort (Amsterdam)

  • Course 1: Basic Hopf algebras (10 hours), Lecturer: Ngo Dac Tuan
  • Course 2: Some theorem on structure of Hopf algebras (6 hours), Lecturer: Phung Ho Hai
  • Course 3: Finite group schemes (10 hours), Lecturer: Ngo Trung Hieu, Dao Van Thinh

See detailed program here

2. The Workshop will be held according to the model of Arbeitsgemeinschaft at the MFO

Accordingly, the attendees will present talks according to an outline prepared by the Organizers.
In this Workshop we plan to have 3 topics with a total of 17 talks.

Topic 1: Applications of Hopf algebras to combinatorics (10 hours=5 talks).
Coordinator: Ngo Dac Tuan

Topic 2: Tannakian duality (12 hours=6 talks)
Coordinator: Phung Ho Hai

Topic 3: Group schemes of prime order (12 hours=6 talks)
Coordinator: Ngo Trung Hieu – Dao Van Thinh

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