Cotangent complex of E_n - operads
Người báo cáo: Hoàng Mạnh Trường (Đại học FPT)
Thời gian: 09h00, thứ năm, ngày 08/09/2022.
Địa điểm: Phòng 305, nhà A5.
Tóm tắt I shall first give a discussion on the cotangent complex (in Quillen’s style) of objects in a site. It turns out that the obtained cohomology agrees with the generalized sheaf cohomology introduced by Jardine. It implies that many cohomology theories for schemes (Zariski, étale and motivic cohomology, etc) are just particular cases of Quillen cohomology. The main goal is to discuss on the cotangent complex of the E_n - operads. When working in a stable base category, Lurie and Francis proved the existence of a nice exact sequence relating the cotangent complex of an E_n - algebra and its Hochschild complex. We assert the existence of an analogue for E_n - operads.

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