D-modles, motivic integral and hypersurface singularities
Speaker: Lei Wu (KU Leuven, Belgium)

Time: 14h00, Friday, 31/12/20211

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Meeting ID: 896 0321 0669
Passcode: 340252

Abstract: This talk is an invitation to the study of monodromy conjecture for hypersurfaces in complex affine spaces. I will recall two different ways to understand singularities of hypersurfaces in complex affine spaces. The first one is to use D-modules to define the b-function (also known as the Bernstein-Sato polynomial) of a polynomial (defining the hypersurface). The other one uses motivic integrals and resolution of singularities to obtain the motivic/topological zeta function of the hypersurface. The monodromy conjecture predicts that these two ways of understanding hypersurface singularities are related. Then I will discuss some known cases of the conjecture for hyperplane arrangements.

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