Accurate appromixated solution to the differential inclusion based on the ordinary differential equation
Báo cáo viên: Nguyễn Thị Hiền

Thời gian: 9h, Thứ 5, ngày 9/5/2019
Địa điểm: Phòng 513, Nhà A6, Viện Toán học, 18 Hoàng Quốc Việt

Tóm tắt: Many problems in applied mathematics can be transformed and described by the differential inclusion x ∈ f(t, x) − NQ^x involving NQ^x, which is a normal cone to a closed convex set Q ∈ R^n at x ∈ Q. The Cauchy problem of this inclusion is studied in the paper. Since the change of x leads to the change of NQx, solving the inclusion becomes extremely complicated. In this paper, we study an ordinary differential equation containing a control parameter K. When K is large enough, the studied equation gives a solution approximating to a solution of the inclusion above. The theorem about the approximation of these solutions with arbitrary small error (this error can be controlled by increasing K) is proved in this paper.

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