Topology of Singularity
Hanoi, February 20-22, 2017

Organisers: Masaharu Ishikawa (Tohoku University), Pho Duc Tai (VNU University of Science), Masayuki Kawashima (Okayama University of Science), Nguyen Viet Dung (Institute of Mathematics), Vu The Khoi (Institute of Mathematics


Purpose: The aim of the workshop is to create a forum for researchers from Japan and Vietnam to exchange methods, new ideas, results, and perspectives in Singularity Theory. The studies of polynomial maps and plane curves had great progresses in these thirty years due to deep communications between Japanese and Vietnamese mathematicians. The methods of these studies are very wide, including many techniques in algebraic geometry, topology and singularity theory. In the workshop, we discuss recent progress following these communications and related topics in singularity theory.


The main topic of this workshop is topology of plane curves. The study of topology of plane curves provides deep understanding of plane curves. This can be seen for example in the study of Zariski pairs. Curves of degree at most six had been studied precisely, and the study of plane curves of higher degrees is now in progress. In the workshop, we discuss progress in this study and also exchange ideas and results in other studies in algebraic geometry and singularity theory.

For more detail, see http://viasm.edu.vn/en/hdkh/topos2017

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