Discrete choice models and applications in decision-making
Người báo cáo: Mai Anh Tiến (Singapore Management University)

Thời gian: từ 9h00 đến 10h00 sáng thứ 4 ngày 28/9/2022

Link seminar: meet.google.com/gaq-qqdn-wzh

Tóm tắt: In this talk, I will discuss the discrete choice framework, a class of mathematical models popularly used to analyze and predict human behavior. I will start with an introduction to the theoretical foundations of the framework and discuss relevant topics, including the derivation and estimation of the operational models. I will then present how to bring discrete choice and optimization models into the same place to support decision-making. Challenges and optimization algorithms related to large-scale settings or data uncertainty issues will be discussed. Especially, I will show how the models and algorithms can be used in a wide range of real-life problem domains in revenue management or transportation planning.

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