Generalized Clifford algebras
Người báo cáo: Nguyễn Xuân Bách (Université Paris 13)
Thời gian: 16:30, thứ năm, 28/07/2022

Tóm tắt: The Clifford algebra of a quadratic form is a very classical object, which appears in many contexts, such as Bott’s periodicity in algebraic topology or the classification of quadratic forms. Several generalizations of this construction have been studied, for example, by replacing quadratic forms by polynominal forms of higher degree. The study of these generalizations suggest that maybe they are defined as naturally attached to certain algebraic varieties. In this talk, we review the classical Clifford algebra and give the construction of generalized Clifford algebra in terms of adjunction in higher category theory.
Hình thức: Online qua google meet, cụ thể https://meet.google.com/yep-kbzk-eao?pli=1&authuser=1

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