March 2020

Seminar on Differential Equations
A variation of Sobolev’s Inequality
Speaker: Dao Quang Khai

Seminar on Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing
Nấm nhầy (Physarum Polycephalum) - khởi nguồn các thuật toán tối ưu hình học?
Báo cáo viên: Phan Thành An

Seminar on Algebra and Number Theory
On the weak and strong Lefschetz properties of artinian graded algebras
Speaker: Tran Quang Hoa (University of Education, Hue University and VIASM)

Seminar on Hyperplane arrangements
Reflection arrangements and freeness
Speaker: Nguyen Bich Van

Seminar on Mathematical Foundations for Computer Science
Exploiting discrete structures in optimizing a dynamic air quality monitoring system
Speaker: Nguyen Phi Le

March 2020
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