Polyhedral presentation of Milnor fibers
Speaker: Masaharu Ishikawa (Keio University)

Time: 9h00, Thursday, August 22, 2019
Location: Rom 507 - 508, Building A6, Institute of Mathematics

Abstract: Turaev's shadow is a method for presenting 4-manifolds using polyhedrons and we can use it to present 2-dimensional objects embedded in 4-manifolds also. We use this idea to present Milnor fibers of plane curve singularities embedded in the 4-ball (that is, the Milnor ball of the singularity). In the talk, I will introduce deformation of plane curve singularities and the idea of divides, and then explain shadows and the polyhedral presentation of Milnor fibers.

This is a joint work with Hironobu Naoe in Chuo University.


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