04 January 2021 - 10 January 2021

Seminar on Optimization and Control Theory
Regularity of optimal solutions and multipliers to a elliptic optimal control problem.
Báo cáo viên: Nguyễn Quốc Tuấn

Seminar on Algebra and Number Theory
A fiberwise criterion for flatness of morphisms of infinite type
Speaker: Phùng Hồ Hải

Seminar on Mathematical Foundations for Computer Science
Tournaments and bipartite tournaments without vertex disjoint cycles of different lengths (phần 2)
Người trình bày: Ngô Đắc Tân - Viện Toán học.

Seminar on Algebraic Geometry
Hecke Operators (II)
Báo cáo viên: Phạm Ngô Thành Đạt (Sorbonne university)

Seminar on Probability and Mathematical Statistics
A closed form formula for swaption pricing in Heath-Jarrow-Morton framework and various applications
Báo cáo viên: Trịnh Tuấn Phong (Credit Agricole and Investment Bank, France)

Seminar on Algebraic Geometry in East Asia
Intersection cohomology of the moduli of of 1-dimensional sheaves and the moduli of Higgs bundles
Speaker: Junliang Shen (MIT)

Colloquium Lecture
Fast computation: the magic of sampling
Trình bày: GS. Vũ Hà Văn

Seminar on Algebraic Geometry in East Asia
Vojta's conjecture and arithmetic dynamics
Speaker: Yohsuke Matsuzawa (Brown University)

04 January 2021 - 10 January 2021
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