August 2015

Seminar on Singularity Theory
Resolution of singularities on a surface
Speaker: Pham Thanh Tam

Seminar on Computational Geometry
s-Quasiconvexity Functions
Speaker: Tran Thi Huong Tra

Seminar on Computational Geometry
Shortest Paths along a Sequence of Triangles
Speaker: Phong Thi Thu Huyen

Seminar on Singularity Theory
Torsion order for a hypersurface
Speaker: Prof. Marc Levine

Seminar on Probability and Mathematical Statistics
Buiding Quantitative structure–activity relationship model
Speaker: Ho Dang Phuc

Colloquium Lecture
From linear recurrences to non-archimedean geometry
Speaker: Prof. F. Loeser, Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris 6), France

Seminar on Computational Geometry
Visualization of some properties of the straight geodesics in 3D on JavaView
Speaker: Nguyen Thi Thuy Dung

August 2015
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