Nearby cycle sheaves and topology of meromorphic functions
Người báo cáo: Nguyễn Tất Thắng
Thời gian: 15:00, thứ tư, 29/09/2021
Tóm tắt: Deligne defined the notion of Nearby cycle sheaves for a singularity of analytic germs. Nearby cycle sheaves bring the information of the Milnor fiber of such singularities; namely, the cohomologies of nearby cycles are isomorphic to those of the Milnor fiber. In this talk, we construct the nearby cycle sheaves for meromorphic functions and apply them in the study of the singularity of meromorphic functions. This is joint work with Kiyoshi Takeuchi.

Hình thức: Online qua google meet, https://meet.google.com/yep-kbzk-eao?pli=1&authuser=1


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