7th International Conference on HIGH PERFORMANCE SCIENTIFIC COMPUTING Modeling, Simulation and Optimization of Complex Processes
Hanoi, March 19-23, 2018


• mathematical modeling
• numerical simulation
• methods for optimization and control
• parallel computing: architectures, algorithms, tools, and environments
• software development
• applications of scientific computing in

physics, mechanics, hydrology,
chemistry, biology, medicine,
transport, logistics, site location,
communication, scheduling,
industry, business, finance, etc.


  • Mihai Anitescu (Argonne)
  • Annalisa Buffa (Lausanne)
  • William Cook (Waterloo)
  • Ekaterina Kostina (Heidelberg)
  • Nils Henrik Risebro (Oslo)
  • Adelia Sequeira (Lisbon)
  • Eitan Tadmor (College Park)
  • Fredi Tröltzsch (Berlin)

The conference is organized jointly by

  • Institute of Mathematics, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology
  • Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing, University of Heidelberg
  • Vietnam Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics


  • Hans Georg Bock (Chair, Heidelberg)
  • Vincent Heuveline (Heidelberg)
  • Willi Jäger (Heidelberg)
  • Hoang Xuan Phu (Hanoi)


  • Pham Ky Anh (Hanoi)
  • Uri Ascher (Vancouver)
  • Peter Bastian (Heidelberg)
  • Hans Georg Bock (Heidelberg)
  • Ralf Borndörfer (Berlin)
  • Vincenzo Capasso (Milan)
  • Felix L. Chernousko (Moscow)
  • Iain Duff (Oxfordshire)
  • Sebastian Engell (Dortmund)
  • Martin Jakob Gander (Geneva)
  • Donald Goldfarb (New York)
  • Martin Grötschel (Berlin)
  • Dinh Nho Hao (Hanoi)
  • Helge Holden (Trondheim)
  • Willi Jäger (Co-chair, Heidelberg)
  • Rolf Jeltsch (Zurich)
  • Martine Labbé (Brussels)
  • Richard Longman (New York)
  • Peter Maaß (Bremen)
  • Volker Mehrmann (Berlin)
  • Marek Niezgodka (Warsaw)
  • Hoang Xuan Phu (Co-chair, Hanoi)
  • Sabine Pickenhain (Cottbus)
  • Rolf Rannacher (Heidelberg)
  • Gerhard Reinelt (Heidelberg)
  • Michel Théra (Limoges)
  • Ya-xiang Yuan (Beijing)


  • Phan Thanh An (Secretary, Hanoi)
  • Hans Georg Bock (Heidelberg)
  • Mikhail Bulatov (Irkutsk)
  • Zhiming Chen (Beijing)
  • Nguyen Huu Dien (Hanoi)
  • Nguyen Huu Du (Hanoi)
  • Vincent Heuveline (Co-chair, Heidelberg)
  • Tran Van Hoai (Ho Chi Minh City)
  • Nam-Dung Hoang (Berlin)
  • Vu Hoang Linh (Hanoi)
  • Deok-Soo Kim (Seoul)
  • Nguyen Duc Manh (Hanoi)
  • Hoang Xuan Phu (Co-chair, Hanoi)
  • Gisbert Frhr. zu Putlitz (Heidelberg)
  • Johannes P. Schlöder (Heidelberg)
  • Rüdiger Schultz (Duisburg)
  • Suchada Siripant (Bangkok)
  • Le Xuan Thanh (Hanoi)
  • Nguyen Thi Thu Thuy (Thai Nguyen)
  • Nguyen Dong Yen (Hanoi)

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  • for registration and submission of abstracts: September 29, 2017
  • for submission of full papers for the conference proceedings published by Springer: May 29, 2018



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