Colloquium Lectures

October 2016

Colloquium Lecture
The Habiro ring, Lie algebras, and invariants of 3-manifolds
Speaker: Prof. Le Tu Quoc Thang

August 2016

Colloquium Lecture
Defect profiles in nematic liquid crystals: 2d vs 3d
Speaker: Prof. Nguyen Luc, Oxford University, UK

May 2016

Colloquium Lecture
Physics and Mathematics
Speaker: GS. Pierre Darriulat, Department of Astrophysics of the Vietnam National Satellite Centre, VAST

April 2016

Colloquium Lecture
The equilibrium problem: a unified approach to optimization, minimax problems (game theory), variational inequalities and other interesting problems.
Speaker: Prof. Gabor Kassay, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science Babes-Bolyai University, Romania

January 2016

Colloquium Lecture
Homotopy invariants of manifolds: from H.Poincaré to nowadays
Speaker: Prof. A.S.Mishchenko, Lomonosov Moscow State University

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