CIMPA School “Functional Equations: Theory, Practice and Interactions”
Hanoi, 12/04/2021-23/04/2021

The CIMPA school will be in a hybrid mode (more information will be updated). The format of the school has been changed due to the conditions related to the pandemic and the impossibility to maintain the funding for a further date. Unfortunately, for the same reasons, one original speaker has been obliged to canceled his participation.

If you are a student interested in this event but you are afraid you cannot come to Vietnam due to travel restrictions, you can still apply to attend remotely.

A complex number is called algebraic if it is a root of a non-constant polynomial with integer coefficients and is transcendental otherwise. Over the last decades, the transcendental nature of special values of certain arithmetic functions which verify functional equations is a fascinating branch of Number Theory and attracts an incredible number of works by some of the world's most talented mathematicians. However, beautiful mysteries remain unsolved. For example, although Apéry (1978) proved that the value at 3 of the Riemann zeta function is not a rational number, it remains widely open whether it is a transcendental number.

This CIMPA school aims to familiarize graduate students and young researchers to basic concepts and tools of Differential Galois Theory, Diophantine Geometry, Transcendental Number Theory and introduce them to some of the beautiful theorems about the transcendence of values of particular functions such as the modular j-function, zeta functions, M-functions.

Website: http://math.ac.vn/conference/CIMPA2021/


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