Algebraic deformation theory for algebras and presheaves. L-infinity structure on the Gerstenhaber-schack complex
Báo cáo viên: Đinh Văn Hoàng (Đại học Sư Phạm Kỹ Thuật TP. HCM)

Thời gian: 13h00, thứ ba, 19/01/2021

Hình thức: Online


Nội dung: Deformation theory for geometric objects was first studied by K. Kodaira and A. Grothendieck in the 1950's. A similar deformation theory for (non-commutative) algebras was introduced and studied completely by Murray Gerstenhaber in his seminal papers in 1963-1964. In this seminar, I will talk mainly about Gerstenhaber's deformation theory and its generalizations in some contexts. In particular, deformation theory of presheaves and the L-infinity structure on the Gertenhaber-Schack complex will be presented.


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