Central limit theorems for stabilizing functionals on Poisson point processes
Speaker: Khanh Duy Trinh (Waseda University, Japan)

Time: 14h00, Thursday, May 21, 2020

Online via google meet meet.google.com/odg-dijq-dhs

Absatrct: Penrose and Yukich (2001) established a central limit theorem for stabilizing functionals defined on homogenous Poisson processes which has been applied to many models in stochastic geometry. This talk introduces recent extensions of that result to the non-homogeneous case and to the homogeneous case with marks. This talk also introduces some important examples of stabilizing functionals such as: the number of isomorphic graphs in a random geometric graph, the number of simplices and in the Rips or Cech complex, and Betti numbers. It is based on two recent works (Trinh-ECP-2019, and Can-Trinh-2020 (arXiv:2004.06313)).