What is Commutative Algebra? A brief history based on the work of Emmy Noether
Người trình bày: Gs. Shiro Goto, Đại học Meiji , Nhật Bản

Địa điểm: Auditorium Room 301, Building A5
Thời gian: 9:00-11:30

Tóm tắt:
In my lecture I will talk about Emmy Noether, the mother of modern algebra, mainly focusing on Commutative Algebra. I will not actually talk about mathematics, but with a brief definition of Noetherian rings and a few results of Commutative Algebra, I will explain what Noether�s doctrine was. I will also talk about how Commutative Algebra developed after her works, passing through Serre's monumental revolution; the first and second golden ages of Commutative Algebra will be briey described. I will discuss what should be a workable destination of the future.


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