Tối ưu tổ hợp: một cầu nối giữa tổ hợp và đại số
Người trình bày: Gs. Ngô Việt Trung

Địa điểm: phòng 301, nhà A5
Thời gian: 9:30-11:30

Tóm tắt: We will use tools of Combinatorial Optimization to show that well-known classes of hypergraphs correspond to squarefree monomial ideals with certain properties. Theses hypergraphs were studied already in the 70' by Berge, Fulkerson, Lovasz, Schrijver, Seymour, Trotter, etc. However, the corresponding monomial ideals have been studied quite recently. As a consequence, several new results on monomial ideals can be recovered by earlier results on hypergraphs. In particular, new classes of monomial ideals or hypergraphs can be discovered by means of Combinatorics or Algebra, respectively.


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