Nguyen Chu Gia Vuong


Department of Number Theory
Research interests: Automorphic forms

Office: Bilding A5, Room 305
Tel: +84 (02)4 37563474/ 154
Email: ncgvuong AT


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List of recent publications
1Nguyen Chu Gia Vuong, Quelques calculs de traces compactes et leurs transformées de Satake. (French) [Some calculations of compact traces and their Satake transformations], Canad. J. Math. 60 (2008), 412–442.
2Nguyen Chu Gia Vuong, Intégrales orbitales unipotentes stables et leurs transformées de Satake. (French) [Stable unipotent orbital integrals and their Satake transforms] Mém. Soc. Math. Fr. (N.S.) 97 (2004),110 pp.