Tran Nam Trung


Department of Algebra
Research interests: Commutative Algebra

Office: Building A5, Room 101
Tel: +84 (0)4 37563474/101
Email: tntrung AT


PhD 2009: at Institute of Mathematics, 2009 

Research areas: Commutative Algebra, Combinatorics



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List of recent publications
1Nguyen Thu Hang, Tran Nam Trung, The behavior of depth functions of cover ideals of unimodular hypergraphs, Arkiv för Matematik, 55 (2017), 89-104.
2Thomas Hales, Mark Adams, Gertrud Bauer, Tat Dat Dang, John Harrison, Hoang Le Truong, Cezary Kaliszyk, Victor Magron, Sean Mclaughlin, Nguyen Tat Thang, Quang Truong Nguyen, Tobias Nipkow, Steven Obua, Joseph Pleso, Jason Rute, Alexey Solovyev, Ta Thi Hoai An, Tran Nam Trung, Thi Diep Trieu, Josef Urban, Ky Vu, Roland Zumkeller, A formal proof of the Kepler onjecture, Forum of Mathematics, Pi, 5 (2017) 29 pages.
3Le Tuan Hoa, Kyouko Kimura, Naoki Terai, Tran Nam Trung, Stability of depths of symbolic powers of Stanley-Reisner ideals. Journal of Algebra 473 (2017), 307–323.
4Tran Nam Trung, Stability of depths of powers of edge ideals. Journal of Algebra 452 (2016), 157–187.
5Ha Huy Tài, Ngo Viet Trung, Tran Nam Trung, Depth and regularity of powers of sums of ideals. Mathematische Zeitschrift 282 (2016), 819–838.
6Le Tuan Hoa, Tran Nam Trung, Castelnuovo-Mumford regularity of symbolic powers of two-dimensional square-free monomial ideals, Journal of Commutative Algebra, 8 (2016), 77-88.
7Do Trong Hoang, Tran Nam Trung, A characterization of triangle-free Gorenstein graphs and Cohen–Macaulayness of second powers of edge ideals. Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics, 43 (2016), 325–338.
8Selvi Beyarslan, Huy Tài Hà, Tran Nam Trung, Regularity of powers of forests and cycles, Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics, 42 (2015), 1077-1095.
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11Le Tuan Hoa, Tran Nam Trung, Partial Castelnuovo-Mumford regularities reduction number of sums and intersections of monomial ideals, Math. Proc. Cambridge Soc., 149 (2010), 229 -- 246.
12Tran Nam Trung, Stability of associated primes of integral closures of monomial ideals, J. Combin. Theory Series A, 116 (2009), 44-55.
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1IMH20170603, Le Tuan Hoa, Tran Nam Trung, Stability of Depth and Cohen-Macaulayness of Integral Closures of Powers of Monomial Ideals, preprint ArXiv 1706.07603.