Ta Duy Phuong

Associate Professor, Doctor

Cộng tác viên
Research interests: Diferential Equations

Office: Building A5, Room 112
Tel: +84 (024) 37563474 Ext 110
Email: tdphuong AT math.ac.vn


Born in Hanoi in 1952

Education and academic degrees:

  • 1975: Bachelor/Master: Belorussian University
  • 1990: PhD Hanoi Institute of Mathematics
  • 2007: Associate Professor

Research areas

  • Diferential Equations;
  • Optimization;
  • History and Education of Mathematics



List of publications in MathSciNet


List of recent publications
1Bui Trong Kien, V. E. Fedorov, Ta Duy Phuong, Optimal Control Problems Governed by Fractional Differential Equations with Control Constraints, SIAM Journal on Control and OptimizationVol. 60, No. 3, pp. 1732–1762, 2022.
2Fedorov Vladimir E., Boyko Kseniya V., Ta Duy Phuong, Initial value Problems for some classes of Linear Evolution Equations with Several Fractional Derivatives, CFVU Mathematical Notes, 28 (2021), 85-104.
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4V. F. Chistyakova, E. V. Chistyakova, Ta Duy Phuong, On the Relation between the Properties of a Degenerate Linear Quadratic Control Problem and the Euler–Poisson Equation, Computational Mathematics and Mathematical 60 No. 3 (2020), 390-403. (SCI-E, Scopus).
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