Le Tuan Hoa

Full Professor, Doctor of Science

Department of Algebra
Research interests:

Commutative Algebra, Algebraic Geometry and Combinatorics

Office: Building A6, Room 412
Tel: +84 24 38361121 / 412
Email: lthoa AT math.ac.vn
Personal homepage: http://vie.math.ac.vn/~lthoa/

Born in Thanh Hoa, Vietnam in 1957

Education and academic degrees:

  • 2004: Full Professor
  • 1996: Associate Professor
  • 1995: Doctor of Science, Institute of Mathematics, VAST, Hanoi
  • 1990: Ph.D., University of Halle, Germany
  • 1980: B.Sc., Belarusian State University, Belarus


  • Director of Institute of Mathematics Hanoi (IMH): 2013-2017
  • Deputy-Director of Institute of Mathematics Hanoi (IMH): 2008-2011
  • Managing Director of the Vietnam Institute of Advanced Study in Mathematics (VIASM): from June 2011 to October 2013
  • Vice-President, General secretary of the Vietnam Mathematical Society (VMS): 2004-2008
  • President of the Vietnam Mathematical Society (VMS): 2008-2013
  • President of the South East Asian Mathematical Society (SEAMS): 2012-2013
  • Fellow of the Third Word Academy of Sciences, from November 2011


  • Hochiminh Prize in Science and Technology 2016 (shared with Professors Ngo Viet Trung and Nguyen Tu Cuong)


List of publications in MathSciNet


List of recent publications
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