Nguyen Nang Thieu


Department of Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing
Research interests:

Office: Room 213, Building A5
Email: nnthieu AT

Born in Vinh Phuc in 1991

Education and academic degrees:

  • 2013: Bachelor: Hanoi University of Science, Vietnam National University
  • 2017: Master: University of Limoges, France
  • 2021: PhD: University of Limoges, Limoges France 


  • 2022 - present: Researcher, Instutute of Mathematics, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology
  • 2022 – 2024: Postdoctoral Researcher, State University of New York, Korea (SUNY Korea), Incheon, South Korea


Research areas: Optimization Theory, Optimal Control Theory, Nonsmooth Analysis, Dynamical Systems, Variational Inequalities, Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing



List of recent publications
1Nguyễn Ngọc Luân, Nguyễn Mậu Nam, Nguyen Nang Thieu, Nguyen Dong Yen, Relationships between polyhedral convex sets and generalized polyhedral convex sets, Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications, 199 (2023), 766-786, (SCI-E, Scopus).
2Nguyen Nang Thieu, Solution properties of convex sweeping processes with velocity constraints, Applicable Analysis, 102 (2023) - Issue 10, (SCI-E, Scopus)
3 Samir Adly, Nguyen Nang Thieu, Nguyen Dong Yen, Convex and Nonconvex Sweeping Processes with Velocity Constraints: Well-Posedness and Insights, Applied Mathematics & Optimization volume 88, Article number: 45 (2023), (SCI-E, Scopus).
4Samir Adly, Nguyen Nang Thieu, Existence of solutions for a Lipschitzian vibro-impact problem with time-dependent constraints, Fixed Point Theory and Algorithms for Sciences and Engineering volume 2022, Article number: 3 (2022), (Scopus).
5Nguyen Khoa Son, Nguyen Nang Thieu, Nguyen Dong Yen, On the solution existence for prox-regular perturbed sweeping processes, Journal of Nonlinear and Variational Analysis 5 (2021), no. 6, 851-863. (SCI-E, Scopus, Preprint: download here).
6Nguyen Nang Thieu, Some differential estimates in linear programming, Acta Mathematica Vietnamica 41 (2016), no. 2, 243-249, (Scopus).
1IMH20221203, Tan H. Cao, Nilson Chapagain, Kangmin Cho, Jinwoo Choi, Sinae Hong, Abhishek Kafle, Haejoon Lee, Hansol Lim, Biniam Markos, Jiung Seo, Phung Ngoc Thi, Nguyen Nang Thieu, Optimal control of several motion models, preprint arXiv