The Zakharov/Craig-Sulem forumulation of the water waves problem
Người báo cáo: TS. Lương Thái Hưng (Viện Toán học)

Thời gian: 9h30 ngày 07 tháng 6 năm 2022

Địa điểm: Phòng 301 A5, Viện Toán học

Abstract: In this talk, I will present the Zakharov/Craig-Sulem forumulation of the water waves problem, then we will discuss on various regimes of water wave by introducing the relevant dimensionless parameters of the wave. In this context, many "full-dispersion" dispersive equations are derived such as the full dispersion Zakharov-Rubenchik/Benney-Roskes system, full dispersion Davey-Stewartson system in the textit{deep water} regime or the Boussinesq systems and Green-Naghdi equations in the textit{shallow water} regime.

The talk follows mainly the first chapter of David Lannes's book: "The water waves problem: Mathematical analysis ans asymptotics", more intensive subjects and details can be found there.


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