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The 7th International Conference on Random Dynamical Systems will take place at Institute of Mathematics, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, from June  21-25 June 2022. The conference is devoted to the modern aspects of the theory of random dynamical systems. The aim of the Conference is to bring together active researchers working on various areas of random dynamical systems, stochastic dynamics, stochastic evolution equations, stochastic process, stochastic computation and their applications for fruitful scientific exchanges on recent advances of the areas, especially bringing together knowledge from various fields of the probability theory and the theory of stochastic processes related to this subject.

Due to the pandemic, the conference will be organized in the hybrid form (both online and offline meeting). Please check Conference venue and online meeting


  • Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST)
  • Institute of Mathematics, VAST.
  • International Center for Research and Postgraduate Training in Mathematics under the auspices of UNESCO, Institute of Mathematics, VAST
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 Scientific Committee

  • Jinqiao Duan, Illinois Institute of Technology
  • Dinh Cong Nguyen, Institute of Mathematics, VAST
  • Björn Schmalfuss, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena

 Organizing Committee

  • Dinh Cong Nguyen, Institute of Mathematics, VAST, chair
  • Hoang Duc Luu, Institute of Mathematics, VAST
  • Thai Son Doan, Institute of Mathematics, VAST
  • Thanh Hong Phan, Thang Long University, Hanoi.
  • Nguyen Thi Thuy Quynh, Academy of Finance, Hanoi


List of invited speakers

Ludwig ARNOLD (Germany), Yuri BAKHTIN (USA), Nils BERGLUND (France), Dirk BLÖMKER (Germany), Mikhail BULATOV (Russia), Xiaopeng CHEN (China), The Anh CUNG (Vietnam), Thai Son DOAN (Vietnam), Duc Thuan DO (Vietnam), Jinqiao DUAN (USA), Gary FROYLAND (Australia), Cecilia GONZÁLEZ-TOKMAN (Australia), Ale Jan HOMBURG (Netherlands), The Tuan HOANG (Vietnam), Yu Ito (Japan), Peter KLOEDEN (Germany), Christian KUEHN (Germany), Jeroen LAMB (England), Zhenxin LIU (China), Hoang Duc LUU (Vietnam), Kening LU (USA), Hoang Long NGO (Vietnam), Hai Dang NGUYEN (USA), Luu Son NGUYEN (USA), Tien Dung NGUYEN (Vietnam), Marc PEIGNE (France), Huijie QIAO (China), Sebastian RIEDEL (Germany), Christian S. RODRIGUES (Brazil), Yuzuru SATO (Japan), Bjoern SCHMALFUSS (Germany), Michael SCHEUTZOW (Germany), Hiroki SUMI (Japan), Viet Ton TA (Japan), Quoc Bao TANG (Austria), Jiang-Lun Wu (UK), Marius YAMAKOU (Germany).

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Conference Venue and online meeting

Address for the offline conference room:

A6 Building, Institute of Mathematics, VAST, 18 Hoang Quoc Viet Road, Cau Giay District, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Online conference link:

  • Zoom: to be updated soon.
  • Googlemeet: to be updated soon.



Deadline for online registration: 30 April 2022

Contact E-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



Financial supports

With the financial support of IMH, the organizing committee will cover travel expensenses for limited number of invited speakers, local expenses (lodging, meals, banquet) for all invited speakers, and other expenses (lunch, banquet, social activities..) for all participants.

Flight reservations

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Due to traveling during pandemic time, we suggest the participants to reserve your flight as soon as possible to avoid high prices.
We will update soon in the conference website the official links from the Vietnamese government for traveling and quarantine rules during the pandemic time.