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Mini-course: Some topics on Graph Theory

Time: 9:30 – 11:30, 5 lectures on: Wed (18 June), Fri (20 June), Mon (23 June), Wed (25 June), Fri (27 June).

Location: VIASM Lecture Hall C2.

Lecturer: Prof. Moshe Rosenfeld, University of Washington, USA.

Abstract: 5 topics for 5 lectures:

1. Prisms over graphs.

2. Graph designs.

3. Geometric graphs.

4. Using Weil’s theorem to construct graphs.

5. The Shannon capacity of a graph.


Please fill in the registration form below your contact information. Deadline for registration: 15/6/2014.

Website http://viasm.edu.vn/events/moshe-rosenfeld/?instance_id=&lang=vi


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