On the homology of SL2(Z[1/m])
Speaker: Bùi Anh Tuấn (ĐHKHTN HCM)

Time: 9:30 - 10:30, Wednesday November 10, 2021

Venue: Room 302, A5, Institute of Mathematics, VAST

Online: https://meet.google.com/esi-huxm-xqg

Abstract: We describe an algorithm for computing finitely many terms of a free ZG-resolution of Z for G a finite index subgroup of SL2(Z[1/m]). An implementation of the algorithm is used to determine the integral homology groups Hn(SL2(Z[1/m]); Z) for all integers m = 0. For m = 30 or m = 42 the implementation is practical only for n = 1; 2.

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