Study of semi-linear sigma-evolution equations with frictional and visco-elastic damping
Báo cáo viên: Đào Tuấn Anh

Thời gian: 9h30, Thứ 3 ngày 20/10/2020

Địa điểm: Phòng 320, Nhà A5, Viện Toán học

Tóm tắt: In this talk, we study semi-linear sigma-evolution equations with double damping including frictional and visco-elastic damping for any sigma>= 1. We are interested in investigating not only higher order asymptotic expansions of solutions but also diffusion phenomenon in the L^p-L^q framework, with 1= p= =infty, to the corresponding linear equations. By assuming additional L^m regularity on the initial data, with 1= m 2 we prove the global (in time) existence of small data energy solutions and indicate the large time behavor of global obtained solutions as well as semi-linear equations. oreover, we also determine the so-called critical exponent when sigma is considered as any fractional number.

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