Irreducible decomposition of powers of edhe ideals
Báo cáo viên: Marcel Morales (Institutre Fourier Grenoble and VIASM)

Thời gian: 9h30, Thứ 4, Ngày 4/4/2018

Địa điểm: Phòng seminar tầng 5 nhà A6, Viện Toán học

Tóm tắt: This is a joint work with N. T. Dung started with Truong in 2016 during their visit to Grenoble.
Given a simple graph we study the irreducible components of $ I_G^k$. Let recall thet H. Lam and N.V. Trung has recently studied the associated primes of $ I_G^k$. In this lecture we are not only interested into the associated primes but we are able to describe the irreducible components by using some different point of view, using more language from graph theory. We can see how to recover easily the results from H.M. Lam and Hien on the irreducible components of $I^3_G $ and $I^4_G$. We can describe the irreducible decomposition in some particular cases: when the graph is an odd cycle, or a complete graph.

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