The school is a joint activity between the Institute of Mathematics and the Berlin Mathematical School. The lecturers comes from Berlin to held courses in important fields of mathematics for both German and Vietnamese Master students. The aim is to establish collaboration between German and Vietnamese mathematicians at an earlier stage. This activity is supported by the Einstein Foundation and the Institute of Mathematics. Everybody, who are interested in the teaching subjects, are invited to attend the courses.

This year, the courses are divided in two parts:
First Part: Numerical Analysis
- Dr. Christian Schröder (TU Berlin), October 7-10 and 14 and 17:
"Numerical Linear Algebra"
- Prof. Günter Bärwolff (TU Berlin, October 7-10 and 15,16):
"Mathematical Models with pde's -Numerical Solution"
- Dr. Antoine Laurain (TU Berlin, October 11, 14-17):
"Nonlinear Programming/Optimization"
Second Part: Optimization, October 21-25
- Dr. Matthias Miltenberger and Dr. Gerald Gamrath (Zuse Institute Berlin/ZIB, October 21-25):
“Linear Programming and Mixed Integer Programming: real world problems via the SCIP Optimization Suite”
- SCIP is one of the strongest computer programs for optimization
- Lectures 8:30-10:00 and 14:00-15:30 each day October 7-11 and 14-17 and 21-25
- Exercises etc. 10:30-12:00 and 16:00-17:30 each day October 7-11 and 14-17 and 21-25
There are preparation courses for the first part in the weeks September 24 – October 4, 2013.

First Part - October 7-18
Lecturers (6 lectures each):
Prof. Günter Bärwolff (TU Berlin, Germany)
Dr. Christian Schröder (TU Berlin, Germany)
Dr. Antoine Laurain (TU Berlin, Germany)
TU Berlin, Fak. II
Inst.f.Math., Sekr. 4-5
10623 Berlin, Str.d.17. Juni 136
+49 (30) 31425749
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Lecturers (to be confirmed):
October 7:Bärwolff| Schröder
October 8:Schröder| Bärwolff
October 9:Schröder| Bärwolff
October 10:Bärwolff| Schröder
October 11:Laurain| Laurain
October 14:Laurain| Schröder
October 15:Bärwolff| Laurain
October 16:Bärwolff| Laurain
October 17:Schröder| Laurain
October 18:Writing Examination | Final Discussion

Initial Reading/Preparation Suggestions:
Scientific Computing and Differential Equations: An Introduction to Numerical Methods
Golub/van Loan:
Matrix Computations
Numerical Linear Algebra
Numerical Treatment of Partial Differtial Equations
Optimal Control of Partial Differential Equations - Theory, Methods and Applications

Dr. Christian Schröder (TU Berlin)
October 7-10 and 14 and 17
"Numerical Linear Algebra"
Linear Equation Systems "Ax = b"
Matrix Decompositions - LU- and Cholesky-Decomposition
Sparse Systems
Iterative Solution Methods
Krylov-Space-Methods - CG- and GMRES-Methods

Prof. Günter Bärwolff (TU Berlin)
October 7-10 and 15,16
"Mathematical Models with pde's -Numerical Solution"
Basics of Vector Calculus
Balance Priciples, Divergence theorem
Heatconduction/Diffusion equation
- in solids
- in fluids
Initial Boundary Value Problems (ibvp)/Boundary Value Problems (bvp)
Numerical Solution Methods - Finite Difference Methods/Finite Volume Methods
Properties of Occuring Matrices
Consistency, Stability and Convergence
Weak Solutions of bvp/Finite Element Method

Dr. Antoine Laurain (TU Berlin)
October 11, 14-17
"Optimization with pde's"
Introduction into Functional Calculus - Hilbert/Sobolev-Spaces
Variational Formulation of bvp
Optimization Problems with bvp as state equation
Boundary/Volume control
Evaluation of necessary optimal condition by a Karush-Kuhn-Tucker System

Second Part - October 21-25

Lecturers (5 lectures each):
Matthias Miltenberger and Gerald Gamrath (Zuse Institute Berlin/ZIB)
Zuse Institute Berlin
Takustr. 7, 14195 Berlin
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
+49 (30) 841 85-245

Monday October 21:
- Lecture 1:  Introduction, ZIB, Optimization in general, SCIP Optimization Suite, schedule for the week, applications
- Lecture 2: LP: polyhedral theory, duality theory, simplex and interior point algorithm,
- Exercise: SCIP Optimization Suite (introduction and installation)

Tuesday October 22:
- Lecture 1: LP continued
- Lecture 2: MIP: branch-and-bound
- Exercise: (mathematical) modeling of a combinatorial optimization problem ZIMPL introduction and examples (Sudoku, etc.)

Wednesday October 23:
- Lecture 1: MIP: cuts
- Lecture 2: MIP: heuristics and other techniques
- Exercise: programming exercise TSP

Thursday October 24:
- Lecture 1,2: beyond MIP (SAT, CP, CIP, MINLP, NLP), conflict analysis, domain propagation, spatial branching
- Exercise: programming exercise CP, CIP

Friday October 25:
- Lecture 1: MIP: branch-and -price, Dantzig-Wolfe decomposition
- Lecture 2: real world examples and applications (traffic, telecommunications, gas transport, supply chain)
- Final Exams
For more information please contact:
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