Tra cứu tài liệu

  1. Convexity and optimization in Banach spaces; Barbu, Viorel;
  2. Handbook on semidefinite, conic and polynomial optimization; Miguel F. Anjos;
  3. Geometric optimal control.Theory, methods and examples; Ledzewicz, Urszula;
  4. The robust maximum principle. Theory and applications; Boltyanski, Vladimir G;
  5. Numerical approximation methods; Cohen, Harold;
  6. Introduction to stochastic programming; Birge, John R.;
  7. Linear Programming and Generalizations. A Problem-based Introduction with Spreadsheets; Denardo, Eric V.;
  8. Convex analysis and monotone operator theory in Hilbert spaces; Bauschke, Heinz H;
  9. Scientific Computing and Cultural Heritage; Bock, Hans Georg;
  10. Perturbation theory for Lyapunov exponents of discrete linear systems; A. Czornik;
  11. On Noncommutative BRST-complex and Superconnection Character Forms; Lipponen, Henri; 
  12. Selected topics on image processing and cryptology; Miodrag Mihaljevic;