Tra cứu tài liệu

  1. A brief course of higher mathematics;  Kudryavtsev, V.a , Demidovich, B.p.     
  2. Algebre, trigonometrie et notions d'analyse; G. Girard , Andre Lentin       
  3. Differentiable germs and catastrophes; Brocker, Th.       
  4. Documenta Mathematica Extra Volume: Optimization Stories; M. Grotschel    
  5. Equations aux dérivées partielles; Mikhailov, V.       
  6. Foundations of differentiable manifolds and Lie groups;  Warner, Frank W     
  7. Fundamentals of mathematical analysis Part 1; Ilyin, V. A, Poznyak, E. G       
  8. Fundamentals of mathematical analysis. Part 2; Ilyin, V. A., Poznyak,e. G       
  9. Geometric invariant theory; Mumford, D; Fogarty, J, Kirwan, F.       
  10. Lectures in geometry;  Postnikov, M.       
  11. Linear algebra and differential geometry; Postnikov, M.       
  12. Linear and integer programming vs linear integration and counting; Lasserre, Jean Bernard    
  13. Methodes de calcul numerique;  G. Marchouk       
  14. Modular forms: basics and beyond;  Shimura, Goro       
  15. Moduln und Ringe; Kasch, Friedrich       
  16. Multiplicities and Chern classes in local algebra;  Roberts, Paul C       
  17. Peacocks and associated martingales with explicit constructions; Hirsch, Francis, Profeta, Christophe, Roynette, Bernard, Yor,       
  18. Premier cours de topologie. Chapitres geométriques; Rokhlin, V.a., Fuks, D.b.       
  19. Rainbow connections of graphs; Li, Xueliang; Sun, Yuefang       
  20. Ramsey theory. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow;  Alexander Soifer       
  21. Selected topics in infinite-dimensional topology;  Bessaga, Czeslaw, Pelczynski, Aleksander    
  22. The 7th Japan-Vietnam Joint Seminar on Commutative Algebra, Nguyễn Tự Cường
  23. Theory of retracts; Borsuk, Karol       
  24. Topics in noncommutative algebra; Bonfiglioli, Andrea, Fulci, Roberta