Algebraic threefolds of general type with small volume
Speaker: Yong Hu (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

Time: 15h15 (Vietnam time), Friday 25/3/2022

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Meeting ID: 896 0321 0669
Passcode: 340252

Abstract: It is known that the optimal Noether inequality $vol(X) ge frac{4}{3}p_g(X) - frac{10}{3}$ holds for every $3$-fold $X$ of general type with $p_g(X) ge 11$. In this talk, we give a complete classification of $3$-folds $X$ of general type with $p_g(X) ge 11$ satisfying the above equality by giving the explicit structure of a relative canonical model of $X$. This model coincides with the canonical model of $X$ when $p_g(X) ge 23$. I would also introduce the second and third optimal Noether inequalities for $3$-folds $X$ of general type with $p_g(X) ge 11$. This is a joint work with Tong Zhang.

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