Mac Lane valuations and an application to resolution of quotient singularities
Người báo cáo: Andrew Obus (Baruch College)
Thời gian: 20:00, thứ ba, 02/11/2021
Tóm tắt: Mac Lane's technique of "inductive valuations" is over 80 years old, but has only recently been used to attack problems about arithmetic surfaces. We will give an explicit, hands-on introduction to the theory, requiring little background beyond the definition of a non-archimedean valuation. We will then outline how this theory is helpful for resolving "weak wild" quotient singularities of arithmetic surfaces, a class of singularity studied by Lorenzini that shows up naturally when computing models of curves with potentially good reduction.
Hình thức: Online qua zoom, https://zoom.us/j/93057191210?pwd=a3dycklwWUZOcXB3d1F6cVVGcFlBZz09
Meeting ID: 930 5719 1210
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