Tensor powers of Drinfeld modules
Speaker: Tuan Ngo Dac (CNRS - Lyon)

Time: 9h, Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Location: Room 611-612,  Building A6, Institute of Mathematics

Abstract: In the genus 0 case, tensor powers of the Carlitz module were studied extensively in the pioneer work of Anderson and Thakur. In this talk, we recall Anderson-Thakur’s theorem which gives a formula expressing special zeta values as the last coordinate of a logarithmic vector of an algebraic point. As an application, we present transcendence implications for special zeta values thanks to the work of C.Y. Chang and J. Yu. Finally, we explain how to extend these results to elliptic curves. Joint works with B. Angles, F. Tavares Ribeiro and N. Green.


New Scientiffic Publications