A new approach to Exact Pattern Matching (Part 2)
Speaker: Nguyen Huy Truong

Time: 9h30, Thurday, June 7, 2018
Location: Room 611- 612, Building A6, Institute of Mathematics
Absatract: In this paper, based on the concept of the degree of fuzziness proposed by P. T. Huy et al. in 2002, we introduce a flexible approach to design a effective algorithm for exact pattern matching, and compare it with some of the most efficient algorithms, such as AOSO, EBOM, FJS, FSBNDM, HASHq, LBNDM, SA, SBNDM-BMH-SBNDM, SBNDMq, TVSBS. Theoretical analysis and experimental results indicate that in practice our algorithm is fastest in most of the cases of the given patterns and alphabets.


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