On robustness of function space controllability of general linear retarded systems
Speaker: Nguyen Thi Hong

Time: 9h00, Tuesday, November 14, 2017
Room 6, Building A14, Institute of Mathematics, Hanoi
In this talk we  study the robustness of controllability in the state space $M_p=\K^n\times L_p([-h,0],\K^n), 1<p<\infty, $ for dynamical systems described by linear functional differential equations (FDE) of the form
$ \dot x(t)=A_0x(t) + \int_{-h}^0d[\eta(\theta)]x(t+\theta)+B_0u(t), x(t)\in \K^n, u(t)\in \K^m, \K=\C$, or $\R$.
Some computable estimates  and formulas for the controllability radius of a controllable FDE system are obtained under the assumption that the system's matrices $A_0, \eta, B_0$ are subjected to structured perturbations. Examples are provided  to illustrate the obtained results.


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