03 July 2022

Seminar on Algebraic Geometry in East Asia
On the moduli spaces of parabolic Higgs bundles on a curve
Speaker: Do Viêt Cuong (University of Science, Vietnam National University)

Seminar on Algebraic Geometry in East Asia
Contact loci and Motivic nearby cycles of nondegenerate singularities
Speaker: Nguyên Tat Thang (Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology)

Seminar on Optimization and Control Theory
On delay-dependent finite time stability conditions for singular system with time delay
Người báo cáo: TS. Nguyễn Huyền Mười

Seminar on Algebraic Geometry
Berkovich spaces and a comparison theorem for nearby cycles (II)
Người báo cáo: Lê Quý Thường (Đại học Khoa học Tự nhiên, Hà Nội)

Seminar on Algebraic Geometry
The lifting problem for curves III
Người báo cáo: Đặng Quốc Huy (VIASM)

Colloquium Lecture
Hamilton-Jacobi equations -- An introduction and some recent progress in the homogenization theory
Người báo cáo: GS. Trần Vĩnh Hưng, University of Wisconsin Madison

03 July 2022
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