Hội thảo "Workshop on Probability theory and Its applications"
Hà Nội, 08/08/2019
Hội thảo nhằm mục đích trao đổi chuyên môn khoa học, cũng như giới thiệu các kết quả và hướng nghiên cứu mới trong Lý thuyết Xác suất.

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Program of "Workshop on Probability Theory and Its Applications"

Morning session

08h30--08h50 Registration (Room 507-508, Building A6)

08h50--09h00 Opening

09h00--09h40 Maria Garrido-Antienza (Universidad de Sevilla)
Pathwise techniques to investigate rough differential equations

09h40--10h05 Ngo Hoang Long (Hanoi National University of Education)
Limit theorem for perturbed random walks

10h05--10h20 Pause break

10h20--10h45 Le Vi (Vietnam National University)
Reflected Brownian motion with a drift that depends on its local time

10h45--11h10 Ta Cong Son (Vietnam National University)
Tail distribution estimates for one-dimensional diffusion processes.

11h10--11h35 Tran Vinh Linh (Hochiminh City International University)
Connection between random graph models

11h35--14h00 Lunch

Afternoon session

14h00--14h40 Bjoern Schumalfuss (Friedrich Schiller Universitat Jena)
Local exponential stability of SDEs with nontrivial fractional noise with Hurst parameter Hin (1/3; 1/2]

14h40--15h05 Luu Hoang Duc (Hanoi Institute of Mathematics, VAST)
Smoothness of the solutions of rough differential equations

15h05--15h20 Pause break

15h20--15h45 Phan Thanh Hong (Thang Long University)
Asymptotic dynamics of Young differential equations: a unified approach

15h45--16h10 Luong Duc Trong (Hanoi National University of Education)
Convergence, non-negativity and stability of a new tamed Euler-Maruyama scheme for stochastic differential equations with
Holder continuous diffusion coefficient

16h10--16h35 Pham Viet Hung (Hanoi Institute of Mathematics, VAST)
Persistence probability of random polynomials