Former Members

List of Researchers

Name Position Ocupation time at IMH Remarks
Ha Le Anh 1973-1986 passed away, 1986
Nguyen Viet Anh Dr. 2005-2012
Tran Thi Lan Anh Dr.
Pham Tra An Assoc. Prof. Dr. 1970-2007
Nguyen Luong Bach Dr.
Tran Quoc Binh Ths.
Bui Cong Cuong Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sc. 1984-2004 retired
Le Van Chong Dr. 1978-2009 passed away
Nguyen Ngoc Chu Dr. 1981-2010
Le Ngoc Chuyen Dr. 1986-1995
Phan Van Chuong Dr.  1970- passed away, 1989
Le Huu Dien Dr.
Hoang Dinh Dung Assoc. Prof. Dr.  1970-2004 passed away, 2014
Nguyen Viet Dung Dr. Ohio University
Pham Canh Duong Dr.  1973-2009
Nguyen Tien Dai Dr.  1976-2012 retired, 2012
Bui Khoi Dam Assoc. Prof. Dr.  1978-1999
Vu Van Dat Dr.  1974-2010 retired, 2010
Le Van Dien Dr.
Pham Huy Dien Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sc.  1976-2009
Nguyen Huu Dien Assoc. Prof. Dr.
Chu Van Dong Dr.  1977-1995
Nguyen Hong Duc Dr. 2007-2013
Nguyen Huu Duc Assoc. Prof. Dr. passed away
Nguyen Van Gia Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sc.
Duong Duy Hai passed away
Dang Han  1966-1985
Pham Duong Hien  1974-1977
Tran Vinh Hien Dr.  1970-1983
Le Hoi Dr.  1978-2002 retired
Tran Huy Ho
Pham Ngoc Hung 2001-2009
Dinh Van Huynh Prof. Dr. Sc.  1978-2008  Ohio University
Tran Thi Thu Huong Dr. -2015
Phan Huy Khai Assoc. Prof. Dr.  1970-2011 retired
Le Xuan Lam
Phan Trung Lam  1986-1995
Tran Gia Lich Assoc. Prof. Dr.  1970-2006 retired, passed away 2015
Nguyen Kim Lien
Tran Vinh Linh Dr. 2003 - 2014 HMC. International University
Nguyen Khac Loc  1975-1984 passed away
Le Kim Luat
Le Trong Luc  1976-2012 retired
Dinh The Luc Prof. Dr. Sc. Deputy Director
Dinh Quang Luu Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sc.  1970-2005 passed away, 2005
Do Van Luu Assoc. Prof. Dr.  1970-2009 Deputy Director
1995-2000, retired
Nguyen Si Minh Dr.  1976-2012 retired
Nguyen Hong Minh
Trinh Ngoc Minh Dr.
Nguyen Van Ngoc Dr.  1975-2009 retired
Nguyen To Nhu
Nguyen Ngoc Phan 2002-2013
Vu Quoc Phong Prof. Dr. Sc.  passed away, 2015
Pham Hong Quang Dr.  1984-2009
Ta Hong Quang
Do Van Sy
Nguyen Van Sinh
Ha Huy Tai Dr. 2001-2010
Bui The Tam Assoc. Prof. Dr.  1970-2013 retired
Do Hong Tan Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sc.  1970-2002 retired
Le Thanh
Duong Chi Thanh  1974-1976
Le Cong Thanh Dr.  1973-2010 retired
Le Van Thanh Assoc. Prof. Dr.  1970-2009 passed away
Tran Hung Thao Assoc. Prof. Dr.  1970-2005 retired
Le Van Thiem Prof. Director, 1970-1980
passed away, 1991
Le Quang Thiep
Tran Vu Thieu Prof. Dr.  1970-2005 retired
Nguyen Van Thoai Prof. Dr.
Nguyen Van Thu Prof. Dr. Sc.  1978-2006
Nguyen Huu Tro Dr.  1973-1995 and 2001-2003
Ha Thanh Trung 2005-2013
Ngo  Anh Tu Dr.
Nguyen Duc Tuan Dr.   1983 - 2014 passed away 2014
Tran Manh Tuan Prof. Dr.  1963-2003 Deputy Director
1985-1990, retired
Dao Quang Tuyen Dr. 1979-2010 retired
Ngo Dat Tu  1970-1987 passed away
Do Long Van Prof. Dr. Sc.  1970-2007 retired
Tran Duc Van Prof. Dr. Sc. 1981-2011 passed away
Ho Huu Viet Dr.
Nguyen Khac Viet Dr. Sc.  1989-2007

List of Staff Officers

Name Position Ocupation time at IMH Remarks
Dao Viet Bong
Ha Thi Can 1979-2004 retired
Nguyen Thi Coi 1970-1992 passed away
Do Ngoc Cuong 1984-2005 passed away
Vuong Ngoc Chau 1970-1998 retired
Nguyen Lan Dan 1979-2015 retired
Vo Thi Gai 1979-2005 retired
Pham Minh Hien Dr. 1985 - 2018 retired
Van Thi Xuan Huong retired
Trinh Ba Kiem 1982-2004 retired
Tran Thi Kim Khuyen
Pham Tuan My
Phung Ngoc Nghiem
Tran Cao Nguyen
Hoang Minh Phong 1970-1993
Vu Dinh Tich
Nguyen Van Tien
Mai Van Toan
Le Khanh Van