The program consists of 6 courses, basic and advanced, in mathematics. Each participant is required to attend and take the exam at least 2 basic courses. The programming course is also required for the participants who want to attend the advanced course. 

C1: Algebra

Lecturer: Nguyen Duy Tan (Vietnam Institute of Mathematics)

C2: Analysis

Lecturer: Ninh Van Thu (Hanoi University of Sciences)

C3: Probability

Lecturer: Tran Duy Hien (Tan Tao University)

C4: Stochastic Differential Equations

Lecturer: Doan Thai Son (Vietnam Institute of Mathematics)


Lecturer: Tran Vu Khanh (Tan Tao University)

Advanced course (04 August - 09 August): An Introduction to Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Lecturer: Dr Kevin Webster (Imperial College London and Co-founder, Director of Research at FeedForward Ltd)